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The Evolution of Property Amenities: Why Electric Carsharing is the Next Big Thing

In today's urban landscape, property amenities are no longer just about providing convenience, they are now pivotal in defining the value and appeal of real estate. One of the most innovative additions to this domain is electric carsharing, an amenity that promises to reshape urban mobility and offer significant benefits for developers, landlords, operators, and residents.

This article explores the myriad benefits of electric carsharing as a modern property amenity, highlighting why it is set to become a key feature in contemporary real estate.

Benefits for Developers and Operators: Boosting Appeal, Sustainability and Market Presence

Meeting Planning Regulations

Urban councils and planning authorities are increasingly requiring or incentivizing sustainable transport solutions in new developments. Electric carsharing aligns seamlessly with these requirements, providing a robust response to the demand for eco-friendly transportation options. By integrating electric carsharing services, developers can more easily secure approvals and meet sustainability benchmarks, positioning their projects as compliant and progressive.

Reducing Parking Demand

Providing sufficient parking in urban developments is both costly and space-consuming, often inflating construction costs and limiting available land for other amenities. Electric carsharing can alleviate this burden by reducing the need for extensive onsite parking. Instead developers can reimagine their communities - freeing up valuable land for other amenities or green spaces. 

Enhancing  ESG Performance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are essential for assessing the overall sustainability and ethical impact of developments. Electric carsharing directly enhances ESG performance by promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing carbon emissions. This helps align properties with modern social habits and environmental goals, making them more attractive to eco-conscious investors and residents.

Attracting Residents

In a competitive real estate market, properties need unique features to stand out. Electric carsharing offers unparalleled convenience and sustainability, appealing to tech-savvy and environmentally conscious urban residents. By providing easy access to electric vehicles, properties can attract and retain residents who value innovative solutions and green living, thereby improving occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction.

Benefits for Residents: A Game-Changer for Modern Living and Urban Mobility

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are top priorities for residents. Private electric carsharing services, such as Outbound, are restricted to building residents, ensuring a secure and exclusive amenity. Unlike public carshare programs, these services eliminate the need for public access to building areas, such as basements or parking areas, reducing potential security risks. 

Seamless and Convenient

Modern carsharing services offer an all-digital, hassle-free experience. Residents can book and access vehicles with ease, right from their smartphones, reducing the need for personal car ownership and the associated parking challenges. This convenience makes urban living more straightforward and enjoyable.

Clean and Green

Electric carsharing supports sustainable living by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon footprints. For residents, this service offers a practical way to participate in environmental conservation efforts. What’s more, it’s a clear statement by building owners about their commitment to sustainable mobility, aligning with the values of the modern urban dweller.  

Well-Maintained Fleet

Electric carsharing services ensure a premium, car-on-demand experience with a professionally managed fleet. This guarantees that vehicles are always in excellent condition, clean, and well-maintained, offering a superior alternative to personal vehicle ownership and traditional car rental services. The high standard of vehicle maintenance contributes to a positive user experience, reinforcing the appeal of the property.


As urban living continues to evolve, so too must the amenities that define it. Electric carsharing represents a significant leap forward, offering tangible benefits for developers, operators, and residents. For developers and operators, it boosts project appeal, meets regulatory requirements, reduces costs, and drives ESG performance. For residents, it provides a safe, convenient, and sustainable mobility solution that enriches modern living. Embracing electric carsharing goes beyond following trends - it's about leading the charge towards a more sustainable and appealing urban future.