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Premier Co-Working Hub Creative Cubes Partners with Outbound to Launch Shared Tesla for Melbourne Members‍

Outbound’s Electric Car Club has made its debut at premier co-working hub CreativeCubes.Co Collingwood, and it comes with the all-new Tesla Model Y.

In a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle partnership in Melbourne, CreativeCubes.Co and Outbound have teamed up to transform the way people work and move around the city. Starting October 27th, over 4000 CreativeCubes.Co members spanning five locations, will gain exclusive access to a brand-new Tesla Model Y through Outbound’s Electric Car Club in Collingwood.

Co-Founders Gawin Fernando of Creative Cubes, and Luke Rust of Outbound, unveil Outbound at the Collingwood Site.

CreativeCubes.Co isn’t your ordinary co-working space; it’s an energetic and innovative hub that welcomes all kinds of professionals, from freelancers to major corporations. Situated in prime locations on the fringes of Melbourne, it boasts an impressive clientele, including Porsche, Mattel, Campari, Xero, Uber Eats, Fight MND, Lululemon and Uber. This diverse mix of talent naturally fosters an environment where creativity, collaboration and forward-thinking ideas thrive.

What truly sets CreativeCubes.Co apart, is their unwavering commitment to providing more than just a workspace and supporting the wider lifestyle needs of a workforce. 

Enter Outbound, whose modern mobility solution perfectly aligns with CreativeCube.Co’s vision for the future of work. The concept is refreshingly simple: members use the user-friendly Outbound app to book, unlock and power on the shared Tesla Model Y using their phone. It’s a hassle-free experience that eliminates the need for keys or paperwork – Outbound handles it all. 

Beyond practical benefits, this partnership offers an exciting opportunity for members to experience a luxury electric vehicle and move around the city in style, be it for business or leisure. They can even take the Tesla out for the weekend and return it at their convenience, anytime, 24/7, with flexible hourly and daily payment options. It’s perfectly convenient and affordable, reflecting how mobility can and should operate in the 21st century. 

“It's all about making a day at the office a choice, not a chore, and enhancing the modern work experience with innovation and sustainability,” says Outbound founder, Luke Rust. 

As perceptions of the workplace shift away from traditional offices and employees seek more enriching experiences, it's more important than ever for workplaces to integrate intelligent design features and amenities that draw people in.  Outbound complements CreativeCubes.co existing offerings that do just that - premium locations, world-class amenities, barista-made coffee, and even an on-site Happiness Team.

With the hub for Outbound's electric vehicles now live in Collingwood and access extended to members across all five CreativeCubes.Co locations, Outbound and CreativeCubes.Co are poised to usher Melbourne into a new era of work and mobility. It’s more than sleek electric vehicles; it’s about creating spaces and experiences that inspire and empower people.

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