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Outbound selected for EnergyLab’s Climate Tech Charge Program

We are excited to announce that Outbound has been selected to participate in EnergyLab's prestigious Climate Tech Charge program. This comprehensive 12-month program is designed to support ambitious founders in building market traction, connecting with investors, and securing crucial funding.

The climate tech sector in Australia has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, in response to rising global environmental awareness and the demand for sustainable energy solutions. As the leading climate tech startup accelerator and network in the region, EnergyLab plays a vital role in educating and mentoring startups, empowering them to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Throughout the Climate Tech Charge program, Outbound and other startups will work closely with EnergyLab, have the opportunity to engage in over 20 expert-led workshops and panel discussions, and benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by seasoned professionals. The startups will also receive personalised guidance from EnergyLab's extensive network of over 300 mentors, comprising a range of professionals and founders with expertise in various fields.

The Climate Tech Charge program presents an exciting opportunity for Outbound to grow and thrive in the dynamic climate tech landscape. WIth the program currently underway, we eagerly anticipate becoming part of EnergyLab's growing community of climate tech startups, supporters, and investors. With access to invaluable resources and mentorship, we are confident that Outbound's vision will be propelled to new heights.

đź”— Read more at the Energy Lab press release here.