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Outbound Recognised as Finalist for ITS Australia’s Intelligent Mobility Award

Outbound is proud to share the news of being selected as a finalist for the prestigious Intelligent Mobility Award at the upcoming ITS Australia awards! This recognition places us amongst an impressive lineup of individuals and teams addressing Australia's transport safety and sustainability challenges. 🌐🔗 

The ITS Awards stand as a symbol of excellence in the Intelligent Transport Systems industry, and Susan Harris, CEO of ITS Australia, has expressed her enthusiasm for the groundbreaking solutions presented by this year's finalists:

“From automated public transport shuttles for people with disabilities to harnessing AI technology to combat impaired driving, to electric car-sharing platforms, the innovation on show in Australia is truly inspiring.”

Here are some of the compelling factors that influenced Outbound’s selection for the award this year:

Innovation at Our Core

Outbound's electric car-sharing platform stands out for seamlessly integrating advanced transportation IoT and mobile app technologies to fully automate the electric car-sharing experience. Features like digital self-registration, remote assistance, keyless vehicle entry and seamless payment processing redefine traditional car-sharing models and contribute to a user-friendly and sustainable transportation option.

Driving Efficiency and Safety

Outbound’s platform contributes to enhancing the efficiency of transport systems by reducing dependence on car ownership, providing a convenient and attractive alternative. This encourages public transport use and decreases traffic congestion while ensuring access to vehicles equipped with advanced safety technology, such as Tesla's.

Versatile Application Across Settings

Outbound's electric car-sharing platform is versatile, finding applications in residential, commercial, hotel, and retail settings. It can be positioned as a desirable luxury amenity, a valuable office service, and an innovative guest experience enhancer, contributing to the growth of eco-tourism.

Championing Sustainability

Outbound proudly champions a sustainable future through all-electric car sharing, prioritizing electric vehicles (EVs) with lower emissions than traditional combustion engine vehicles. The promotion of shared EV usage directly addresses a significant global contributor to greenhouse gases - private car ownership - reducing both per capita vehicle numbers and emissions associated with manufacturing and fuel consumption. 

Looking Towards the Electric Future

We take pride in fostering a community-minded and forward-thinking movement, seamlessly integrating shared EVs  into the fabric of everyday life. With continuous improvements in EV technology and an expanding service area, Outbound is well-prepared to adapt to evolving user needs and establish a strong presence in the transportation landscape.

We’re honoured to be up for this esteemed award aongside industry innovators Sprightly and three prominent transport agencies. We're counting down the days until the winners are announced at Sofitel Brisbane on February 15, 2024, and we’re grateful for all of the support we have received to reach this significant milestone. 🤞 

🔗 For more details and to view the full list of finalists, check out the ITS Australia media release.