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Outbound and SUPA Partner on Tesla Carsharing at Château Showground

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Outbound has joined forces with unified services provider, Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) and property developer Bridgestone Projects to introduce premium electric car sharing to Château Showground in Sydney's Castle Hill.

Château Showground, a visionary residential project led by Bridgestone Projects, aims to transform the Castle Hill precinct. Nestled beside a historic showground, Château features four residential towers with 281 luxurious dwellings and places a strong emphasis on modern design, abundant green spaces, and cultivating a close-knit sense of community living.

A standout addition to Château Showground is the introduction of premium electric car sharing through Outbound's electric car club. This exclusive amenity grants residents access to a Tesla Model Y, as well as electric vehicle charging stations powered by SUPA. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the development's vision of integrating modern living with sustainability. Residents not only relish the sophistication of a Tesla but also actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, embodying a collective commitment to environmental responsibility.

Strategically placing the Tesla Model Y and electric vehicle charging stations at residents' doorsteps is a purposeful move aimed at elevating convenience, aligning with the sophisticated lifestyle embraced by the community. Thanks to the intuitive all-digital app provided by Outbound, residents effortlessly pay by the hour or day to book the shared vehicle. This user-friendly technology transforms the experience of exploring the vibrant Castle Hill neighbourhood into a seamless, hassle-free undertaking.

As Château Showground continues to welcome its first residents in 2024, this milestone signifies more than just a new chapter in urban living - it represents a triumph of innovation, sustainability, and collective vision. The electric car club, extending beyond mere transportation, becomes an integral part of the community's identity, offering a sophisticated, sustainable, and stylish means of exploration.

Outbound is excited to be a part of this project, contributing to the realization of a remarkable and forward-thinking community in Sydney’s Castle Hill.

Stay tuned for more announcements as this collaborative effort unfolds.

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