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New Partnerships Director joins Outbound

Welcome to Outbound! We are excited to announce that Martin Leuenberger has recently joined our team as Partnerships Director.  

As a leading electric carsharing company, Outbound is constantly looking for ways to expand our reach and improve our service for our community partners. Martin's skills and experience will help us establish new partnerships and collaborations that will benefit our users, partners and cities.

Martin brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 18 years of property experience, having worked at some of the leading development organisations in Australia: AMP Capital, Mirvac and Uniting. He has a proven track record of delivering projects through the entire lifecycle and delivered some of the most iconic developments in Sydney including Quay Quarter Lanes, Green Square and York & George.

Martin has a unique ability to unlock value within developments, with a focus on customer and end user experience coupled with a strong passion for community and placemaking. He has full cycle development knowledge and experience in project management, complex stakeholder engagement, project sales and navigating city planning controls. His knowledge of development will help us identify potential partners and collaborations that align with our mission to promote sustainable transportation.

Around Outbound, Martin is an emerging high performance coach for senior leaders within the Australian Real Estate market.

We are excited to have Martin on board and look forward to working with him to create new opportunities for Outbound and our customers. So, let's give a warm welcome to Martin, our new Partnerships Director. We are excited to see the impact he will make on our current and future communities!