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MRCB Partners with Outbound to Provide Electric Car Club at Flagship Sustainable 26 Vista Residences

Committed to setting new benchmarks for sustainable living, MRCB has partnered with Outbound to provide our electric car sharing platform and a premium fleet of electric vehicles for future residents of 26 Vista, their exquisite new development on the Gold Coast. 

Soaring at 51 stories, 26 Vista seamlessly blends sustainable luxury with stunning design on the glistening Gold Coast skyline. The core of this innovative project consists of 280 designer apartments and a collection of unique townhomes. These residences have been thoughtfully designed to capture the most captivating views and the refreshing coastal breeze. More than just living spaces, 26 Vista offers a sanctuary for those who cherish a lifestyle seamlessly connected to nature. 

By offering a resident-only electric carsharing service, 26 Vista takes significant strides towards its goal of reducing dependency on traditional fuel sources and promoting a modern living experience that’s both environmentally conscious and convenient. 

In the words of Luke Rust, co-founder of Outbound, the inclusion of an electric car service makes travel within the Gold Coast and nearby areas effortless for 26 Vista residents:

"Whether residents are discovering the coastline, or immersing themselves in the region’s vibrant culture, they can rely on Outbound as an efficient and eco-friendly transportation solution."

26 Vista aspires to offer a lifestyle reminiscent of upscale hotels, and alongside the development’s inviting amenities and intentional communal spaces,  Outbound is poised to complement this vision. Beyond an elevated living experience, Outbound’s electric car sharing options empower 26 Vista residents with a contemporary solution to challenges related to car ownership and parking as well. 

In partnership, 26 Vista and Outbound demonstrate how responsible urban development can harmoniously coexist with the natural beauty of locations like the Gold Coast. This collaboration sets a new standard for connected coastal living and serves as an exemplar for future projects. 

We take immense pride in collaborating with forward-thinking partners in our local Gold Coast community and look forward to sharing further updates about this project. 

🔗 Find out more about 26 Vista at the official website, here.